The LED projection dress is so 2012. So Sweden’s Wiktoria upped the game and dropped an LED body suit. She stood alone on stage — the visuals and her amazing voice were more than enough to fill the screen and the space. The act opened with a spotlight opening on her oversized belt, which has a W for Wiktoria (not wiwibloggs). LED water exploded on her bosom before enveloping her whole body in ripples — it was like Danny Saucedo’s “Amazing” jump suit but so much better. At times the ever-changing lights made it seem like she was wearing a gown, a pantsuit and even the universe. The LED backdrop was equally bright and dizzying. The camera panned around her and at times she looked bionic, the star of Artificial Intelligence, a Robot Top Model. The LED showed exploding stars and swirling lights. At the end the projection set her on fire but by then her voice already had her smokin’. When the camera zoomed in on her head she looked like some other-worldly angel. God, I love her curls.

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