Hello World!

“Spreading out at the speed of light, right by your side… 
All together we stand as one, we spread the word of love”
  • Dash4 – On how to change the world in three steps:
  • One: The changing of a world always starts with a difference. That difference for us is music. Music instantly makes us understand and connect with other souls, people and feelings.
  • Two: To be able to create true, lasting and great change all difference will need a strong carrier. We believe that the Internet is a carrier of respect, wisdom and of opportunities- to find and keep likeminded wherever, whenever.
  • Three: Finally all wisdom needs to be widespread: We believe that improved transparency and networking will be the key to a better world.
  • Our suggestion: Nobel Peace Prize for the Internet, stardom to Dash4 while contributing to the new world with our new song: “Turn Up The Love”.


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