Rewind The Summer Of 2014

After a successful summer with a big tour we went into the studio to record new material. We also visited Norway to work with some well-known songwriters.

We have signed a label contract with Roxy Recordings and the beginning of this collaboration is new single “Rewind”.

“Rewind” is a fast-paced electro pop song written by Jason Gill, David Clewett and Måns Zelmerlöw.
Single available digitally on Spotify, WiMP & iTunes. Love, Share and Enjoy! (VIDEO)


Time For The Studio

1291166_10152160191417564_543713324_nNow it’s time for the studio and more production of Dash4 hit songs. We have a great team of songwriters behind us and we know that we can create new hits.
This week we are in Eric Amarillo’s studio in Stockholm. Eric has fixed up an amazing microphone that is now hard tested. Our manager team works hard on the plans for 2014.



DASH4 ON TOUR – Opel Big Fan



  • 4/7 Roslagsnatta, Norrtälje – Guest artist: Janet Leon/Dash 4
  • 5/7 Stenungsnatta, Stenungsund – Guest artist: Timoteij/Dash 4
  • 6/7 Ekebofestivalen, Ängelholm – Guest artist: Jenny Silver/Dash 4
  • 8/7 Havsbadsparken, Lysekil – Guest artist: Janet Leon/ Dash 4
  • 10/7 Sommar i city, Skövde – Guest artist: Janet Leon/Dash 4
  • 11/7 Visfestivalen, Västervik – Guest artist: Janet Leon/Dash 4
  • 25/7 Stortorget, Varberg – Guest artist: Janet Leon
  • 26/7 Sommarfredagar, Kinna – Guest artist: Janet Leon/Dash 4
  • 3/8 Stora Torget, Borås – Guest artist: Anton Ewald
  • 5/8 Motala – Guest artist: Anton Ewald/ Dash 4


Hello World!

“Spreading out at the speed of light, right by your side… 
All together we stand as one, we spread the word of love”
  • Dash4 – On how to change the world in three steps:
  • One: The changing of a world always starts with a difference. That difference for us is music. Music instantly makes us understand and connect with other souls, people and feelings.
  • Two: To be able to create true, lasting and great change all difference will need a strong carrier. We believe that the Internet is a carrier of respect, wisdom and of opportunities- to find and keep likeminded wherever, whenever.
  • Three: Finally all wisdom needs to be widespread: We believe that improved transparency and networking will be the key to a better world.
  • Our suggestion: Nobel Peace Prize for the Internet, stardom to Dash4 while contributing to the new world with our new song: “Turn Up The Love”.